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Wenkies (ice creams and drinks)



Wenkie's menu

Wenkie's Menu

There are lots of local restaurants, ex-pat restaurants, fast food restaurants and coffee houses in Luxor. Some are better than others. But at the end of the day what you get is a meal or a coffee, or both. It is good when something new comes along: something that isn't just another owner's version of an offering that is already there. Wenkies is such a 'something new'.

The focus of Wenkies is to sell 'Italian' ice cream, made by a couple from Germany, in Egypt. The result of this cosmopolitan combination is an ice cream parlour selling the best ice cream in Luxor.

At Wenkies, the mornings are spent sourcing ingredients and making ice cream, so they do not open until 2pm. From then, ice creams, coffee & milkshakes are available until 10pm, except Fridays when Wenkie's is closed.

The ice cream is made exclusively from natural ingredients. The milk is buffalo milk. No water added. If it is peanut ice cream it is made from peanuts. Not peanut-flavoured additives. Peanuts. Orange ice cream is made from buffalo milk and oranges. That's it. The range is extensive and varies from day to day, depending on the availability of natural ingredients, on demand and on the imagination of the proprietors.

Prices are unbeatable, too. A small scoop is LE2. Depending on the exchange rate, that's generally under 20p. A large scoop is LE4. Combine as many small and large scoops as you like in any variety of flavours.

Filter or instant coffee and other drinks are just LE5, and there is a small range of other nice bits - see the illustration, top right.

Wenkie's is quiet when they first open, but they get very busy, very quickly. They are popular with children on their way home from school, workers on their way home from work and local people popping out for a treat, as well as with tourists.

Wenkie's is not the easiest place to find. The simplest way is to start in the main road where all the hotels are and to look out for the road, more or less opposite the Nile Palace, where you can see Aboudi book shop. Go down that road, past Aboudi, Murray's Wine Bar, a clinic and a little bit further until you see it, on the same side of the road as those other places, almost at the end of the road. It may be difficult to find the first time, but persevere. It's worth it.


Reviewed October 2014
Prices at October 2014

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